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The decisive moment to exploit their full tea potential. Discover with us the exciting possibilities that lie dormant especially for restaurateurs in one of the oldest cultural forms of mankind. Sir Harly's is committed to providing the optimal tea experience to the end customer without neglecting the economic aspects. We don't want to just sell you tea. Let's create together a moment of relaxation of joy and contemplation. A Tea Couture Moment.

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Looking for new creations for your bar? Homemade iced teas, tea cocktails, tea flavoured spirits, matcha... We will work out even the most unusual wishes for you, so that you can offer your customers something unique.


Highest quality, largest selection and maximum customer satisfaction. Loose teas offer the highest enjoyment and quality possible among teas, especially when, like Sir Harly's Tea teas, they are made in an orthodox manner without exception. This means in the original artisanal way and picked only by hand. This type of processing focuses on care and responsibility.

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It doesn't always have to be off-the-shelf tableware. We also fulfill unusual wishes and thus offer you an additional unique selling point.