BOOKS - our small tea library

Tea and reading go together, so how much does it fit to drink tea and delve into literature about tea? With this in mind, we are happy to make our small tea library in our store at the Raimundhof available for all guests to read.

Besides some magazines like EIGHTY Degrees (by the way, in issue 6 there is an article from us about Turkish tea) and t magazine, we have the following books in stock, among others:

Blofeld: The Tao of Tea Drinking

Burghardt: Tea! Tea! Tea!: Bubbles, Cocktails, Accessories - An Old Drink Reinvents Itself

Cheadle: tea - varieties, cultivation, history, preparation, recipes and much more.

Delmas & Minet: Tea-Sommelier: A step by step guide

Gascoyne, Marchand, Desharnais & Americi: TEA (in English)

Erke: Çay (in Turkish)

Herlin: The pocket book of tea

Libronauti: Crash Landing with Tea (a children's book!!)

Polt-Heinzl & Schmidjell: TEE - A Culinary Anthology

Tea - Know and enjoy

Ukers: ALL ABOUT TEA Vol.1, 1935 (in English)

Van Eetvelt: Met Thee aan Tafel (in Dutch)

Zihnioğlu: - Bir Yeşilin Peşinde (in Turkish)

.... and some more ....