The store of Sir Harly's Tea in Raimundhof (Mariahilferstrasse 45) has been around since 2013. It was designed by Viola Kim and Walter Poiss as a teahouse and in recent years has been run with success by Zdenka Tauses.

In July 2022 we took over Harly and plan to develop it further into a tea boutique dedicated to tea in all its varieties: from tea classics to tea liqueurs, sparkling tea or even tea accessories for various tea ceremonies can be found in our boutique.

We want you to feel comfortable with us during your journey of discovery in the world of tea. We always have about 140 different teas in stock, waiting to be found and enjoyed. You can also taste your new favorite tea right here (classic British or Gongfu style - depending on the tea) and with good music(Harly's playlist in Spotify)

maybe eat some scones or order an afternoon tea. Along the way, people talk shop about teas, discuss new rarities, sometimes tea seminars are held here, and there is always a smile and good humor.

We look forward to going on a journey of discovery with you. The only thing that does not exist in the direction of tea with us are tea bags! Oops, it does exist, but only as a cookie!

Harly can be found a little hidden in the Raimundhof. In this pearl of the city center, a through building from Mariahilferstraße 45 to Windmühlgasse, there are a number of small stores and cafes and we are right in the middle of it.

Discover the beauties of Vienna, Discover the Raimundhof, Discover HARLY'S TEA TEAM.